Darwin on Trial Phillip E. Johnson


Phillip Johnson Articles from Touchstone magazine (2001-2010) 

Phillip Johnson Wedge Update Column from Access Research Network (2001-2002)

Phillip Johnson Articles from First Things

“Law Without Values: The Life, Work, and Legacy of Justice Holmes,” First Things (June/July 2001)

“In Plato’s Cave,” First Things (June/July 2000)

“C.S. Lewis That Hideous Strength (1945),” First Things (March 2000)

“In Defense of Natural Law,” First Things (November 1999)

“What Would Newton Do?,” First Things (November 1998)

“The Gorbachev of Darwinism,” First Things (January 1998)

“The Unraveling of Scientific Materialism,” First Things (November 1997)

“The Storyteller and the Scientist,” First Things (October 1996)

“The Circus of Death,” First Things (March 1996)

“Yesterday’s New Age,” First Things (June/July 1995)

“The Judicial Culture Wars,” First Things (May 1995)

“How the Universities Were Lost,” First Things (March 1995)

“The Swedish Syndrome,” First Things (December 1993) 

“God and Evolution: An Exchange,” First Things (June/July 1993)

“Domesticating Darwin,” First Things (May 1993)

Nihilism and the End of Law, First Things (March 1993)

“Creator or Blind Watchmaker?,” First Things (January 1993)

“The Reluctant Skeptic,” First Things (December 1991)

“Presbyterians For GLARF,” First Things (August/September 1991)

“A Reply to my Critics: the Evolution Debate Continued,” First Things (November 1990)

“Evolution as Dogma: the Establishment of Naturalism,” First Things (October 1990)

Phillip Johnson Articles from Various Sources

“Intelligent Design in Biology: The Current Situation and Future Prospects,” Think (Royal Institute of Philosophy, 2005)

“The Religious Implications of Teaching Evolution,” Chronicle of Higher Education (November 12, 1999)

“The Church of Darwin,” The Wall Street Journal (August 16, 1999)

Shouting Heresy in the Temple of Darwin,” Christianity Today (October 24, 1994)

“Darwinism’s Rules of Reasoning,” Rivista di Biologia and the California Anthropologist (1994)

“The Creationist and the Sociobiologist:  Two Stories About Illiberal Education,” California Law Review (July 1992)

“What is Darwinism? (PDF),” Christian Research Institute (Paper Originally Presented as Lecture at Hillsdale College, November 1992)

Phillip Johnson Book Reviews

Review of Signature in the Cell by Stephen MeyerTouchstone (November/December 2010) 

Review of God Is Not Great by Christopher HitchensTouchstone (March/April 2010)

Review of In Defense of Natural Law by Robert GeorgeFirst Things (November 1999)

Review of Darwin’s Dangerous Idea by Daniel DennettThe New Criterion (October 1995)

Review of Extinction: Bad Genes or Bad Luck by David RaupThe Atlantic (February 1992)

Online Debates and Exchanges

“Should Evolution Be Taught in Public Schools?” Phillip Johnson v. Philip Kitcher, Slate (August 1999)

Nova Online Debate: Phillip Johnson v. Kenneth Miller (1996)

Debate at Stanford University: Phillip Johnson v. William Provine (April 30, 1994)

“God and Evolution: An Exchange,” Phillip Johnson v. Howard Van Till, First Things (June/July 1993)


NOVA Interview with Phillip Johnson, PBS/NOVA (October 2007)

Real Issue Interview with Phillip Johnson, Leadership U (June 2004)

Dick Staub Interview with Phillip JohnsonChristianity Today (December 2002)

James Kushiner Interviews Phillip JohnsonTouchstone (November, 2000)

Jerold Aust Interview with Phillip Johnson, Good News (July/August 1998)

Phillip Johnson Interview, California Committee of Correspondence (1993)

ARN Interview with Phillip Johnson, Citizen Magazine (ARN Reprint January 1992)